IBM Business Partner

ALM is an international consulting company specializing in software systems engineering, testing and validation.

Our consultants are experts in the latest evolution of technology, tools and thinking, including integrated, cloud-based solutions for application lifecycle management and DevOps.

We’ll help you master the tools and skills you need to create innovative products and services

With lower costs and risks

Faster than the competition

Using cloud-based solutions in real time

Get where you want to be faster.


Knowledge is valuable. Wisdom is priceless. Even Leonardo da Vinci benefited from working with a master. We offer customized master mentor services to help you quickly develop talent within your organization.  Develop internal competencies on the job with access to consultants who offer master mentoring experiences available nowhere else.


 Use cloud-based solutions to produce more faster – without breaking anything.


Deploy DevOps speed process and outcomes by “shifting left.”

IBM DevOps (formerly UrbanCode)

Create an explosion in your learning environment by integrating ALM and CLM tools with DevOps and UrbanCode methodologies.

Role Based

We also offer traditional, role-based training with documented competency testing.


Our leadership team has more than 60 years of combined expertise in technology and engineering across many key business sectors.

Our consulting services range from corporate and product strategy to requirements, systems engineering, testing and validation.

Lew Thorne

Co-Founder and Principal

Lew Thorne is a co-founder and principal of the leadership team at ALM Services. He is an electrical engineer who also holds an MBA in managerial accounting and finance. Lew has served in the professional services arena, including internationally, for 30 years and has nearly two decades of direct experience in curriculum development, training service and technical service delivery.

Jeffrey W. Barlow


Jeff Barlow is a principal of the leadership team at ALM Services. He is a software and technology architect with 30 years experience developing, managing, and automating applications and systems. Jeff specializes in full system engineering and application lifecycle disciplines including development, configuration and change management, build and release management, continuous integration and delivery, automated testing, monitoring, infrastructure as code, and hybrid cloud operations.

Don Cooper


An Oxford graduate, Don Cooper is an expert in architecture, configuration and installation of IBM Rational tools and processes, including DOORS, RPE and DXL. He has decades of software engineering background, with special expertise in continuous lifecycle management.

Felix Morariu


Felix Morariu is a Process Architect supporting Enterprise Lifecycle Management needs, with over twenty-five years of client-facing consulting experience in critical and highly regulated industries.